10 Tips to Maintain Productivity and Spirituality in Ramadan

We are once again blessed with another Ramadan. The time of the year which every muslim around the world should look forward to seeking forgiveness, self-improvement, renewing of intentions and a chance to get closer to Allah in the hope to sustain it through out the year. However, fasting can at times drain our energy and we may feel we are falling off our Ramadan goal wagon. So here are our 10 tips to improve and maintain productivity as well as spirituality in the month of Ramadan.

  1. Ramadan Goal: Set yourself one or two goals. Keep the goals simple and limited so that they are achievable and keep you motivated. Having too many goals and not meeting them can be demotivating, resulting in a drain on our energy levels. Some ideas for Ramadan Goals:
    • Memorising new surahs from a particular Juzz
    • Pick a Surah and thoroughly study and learn its tafsir
    • Sign-up for a course to improve tajweed/arabic understanding.
    • A complete reading of the Qur’an
    • Qur’an journaling
    • Learn 10 new duas to recite after prayers
  2. Daily routine: Create a routine and plan moments in your day where you set aside time to help achieve your goals. This is a good way to stay organised minimising stress and maximising productivity.
  3. Meal Prep & Mindful Eating: Eat simple, light and healthy food for Iftar and Suhoor. Plan and prepare your weekly meals in advance. Mindful eating is just a smart way to maintain your energy level up during the long days. Having meals containing: fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, unrefined carbohydrates, honey and dates will help you stay focused and energetic. Your body will thank you!
  4. With the Ramadan vibe going on; goals, planning, house decorations; try not to drain yourself at the beginning of Ramadan. Unless you want to do khatam tarawih, it’s not always necessary for you to travel to the masjid to pray tarawih every day, especially if you’re working in a profession requiring high energy and focus. So give yourself enough rest and save more of your energy for last 10nights!
  5. Write up a list of your intentions and self-improvement areas. Read them first thing before you start the day and think of one thing you can do in the day to improve.
  6. Create a list of all the duas that you want to make and increase your time spent seeking forgiveness.
  7. The Final Countdown – 7-10 mins of exercise before Iftar. This way your iftar will digest better and you can stay fit through out Ramadan without feeling sluggish.
  8. Try to minimise big iftar parties, invitations and any non-vital commitments. Its about striking a balance between visiting beloved relatives and focusing on having a productive Ramadan.
  9. Have a water bottle at the ready, making sure you drink 1.5-2 litres of water between Iftar and Suhoor. That by itself could be your challenge of the day!
  10. Tarawih Bag: have a bag that is always ready with essentials you need when you go for tarawih prayers so that you can simple grab it and go!

Of course realistically we all have our days we feel down, less energy, cheat days but we must also remember that our intention is to please Allah and His rewards are by our efforts. As the above hadith suggests; small but consistent actions are more beloved to Allah. Treat this month as your one chance for salvation. So simply just do your best xxx

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