Need more juice?

So if you’re a travel junkie like us, you’re most certainly going to need a power pack. After researching I found the one for me. Upto now it hasn’t failed. In fact it’s excelled! Best battery pack I have ever owned. You can purchase it with the link below:

Its the Anker power pack!

Buy from Amazon… click here!

Pros –

1. Its capacity is absolutely huge. I was charging two devices at a time (that’s right…. It does two at a time!), both my phone and GoPro seemed to charge fully with barely making a dent into the battery level (indicated by blue lights). Believe it or not… I had only one power point adapter, but this power pack got us through easy. Travelling with family… I was charging 4 phones… Two go pro batteries…a gimbal battery, a camcorder battery in the evenings and charging the Anker battery pack over night.

2. Proof is in the product. The reviews with star rating which you can see with the link above are outstanding.

3. Comes with a carry case and USB lead. The lead should be expected to be honest. But a nice durable carry case was very nice considering you’ll be travelling with it and so would want to keep it safe!

Cons – No numbered points here. I couldn’t actually come up with a con. It might be more expensive than other power packs. But that’s probably because it’s actually better… To get more… You have to spend more….