So have you decided its time to go PRO?

This page will help you give you some information about goPROs (Hero 5 and Hero 6) to help you decide whether getting a GoPRO is for you, and if so which one??

The good vs the not so good about GoPRO.



  • Great for Size If you’re looking for a small camera which is portable to pull out and capture quickly, the goPRO is for you! its size makes it easy to travel with, carry and use. It is likely fit in the palm of your hand and in your trouser pocket! 


  • One touch capture – The GoPROs one touch activation makes capturing clips in that important time dependent scenario very easy. It literally starts capturing at the press of a button. No faffing around with switching it on, choosing a video mode etc etc.


  • Voice activation – The GoPRO has voice activation for taking shots. No faffing around needed with timers, or remotes



  • Accessories can be expensive – So something that is not necessarily exclusive to goPRO… but accessories can be numerous and expensive. However you can obtains some lower cost accessories non-official but compatible accessories to help cut costs (the quality wont be assured as an official goPRO product, but it might be a lot cheaper and affordable!). Check out our reviews of common accessories for the GoPRO here!


Hero 5 vs Hero 6!


Hero 6 is newer and so is the better choice for you right? – not necessarily!


Whilst we feel Hero 6 is better and here’s how : 

1. Better stabilisation across all qualities of video settings – which is available all the way up to 4K (whereas with Hero 5 seems available only upto 2.7k)

2. Better dynamic range of colour and better in low light environments.

3. Picture cropping with stabilisation is less with Hero 6 (5%) compared to Hero 5 (10%)

4. Hero 6 shoots upto 4K 60fps where as Hero 5 shoots upto 4K 30fps.


… the question in your mind should be, is it really worth the extra for Hero 6, for your kind of usage?

For example, if you’re going to use a Gimbal all the time, the better image stabilisation advantage may become redundant!

We felt that the Hero 6 was worth the extra because of the better dynamic range of colour, and ability to shoot with highter frames per second modes, but that’s just us! Let us know what you think