Hello There!

 We started @followmyHijab on the spring of 2015, when we were driving past a field of rapeseed flowers and I (the wifey) emotionally blackmailed hubsy to stop the car so that I could take a DDLJ inspired photo in the middle of the field! 

My hijab was flowing in the wind and we thought of an idea to try and capture the flowing hijab in the photo!

It was hubsy’s idea to try and capture other picturesque  places with a flowing hijab shot and people could follow us on out travels. Hence the birth of “followmyHijab” (yes credit must be given to him!)

Since then , we’ve kept taking followmyhijab photos everywhere we’ve travelled so far.

As a couple, we both enjoy travelling to adventurous places, learning about new cultures and traditions this beautiful world has to offer and now we think it’s about time we share our experiences and the lessons we learn through our journey. 

We hope this blog will inspire you to be a more adventurous traveller and be more mindful of the beautiful creations of this world. 

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